Reading A-PLUS Property Loss History Reports

The A-PLUS™ Property Loss History Reports are vital tools for evaluating property and liability risks for both personal and commercial lines, providing a reliable mechanism for identifying potential increased risk factors in the property underwriting process.

The A-PLUS Property Loss History Report provides the following information:

AKA Name

The current name and any aliases of the first and second insureds on a policy.


The Social Security numbers of the first and second insureds on a policy.


Dates of birth of the first and second insureds on a policy.

Address Information

Includes the address of the risk location, as well as the insured's current and previous addresses.

Previous Policy #

Reflects any of the insured's previous property policy numbers.

Match Basis

Provides an explanation of why we are providing the search results.

Insured Name

The insured's name obtained from the search.

Loss Location

The location in which a previous loss occurred.

Current Address

The insured's current address.

Loss Date

The date the previous loss occurred and the length of time since that loss.

Loss Amount

The amount the insurance company paid on the previous loss.

Loss Type

The type of loss.

Policy Type

The type of policy under which the loss was paid.

Loss Cause

The reason for the loss.


The submitting insurer.

Policy #

The policy number under which the loss was paid.

Claim #

The claim number assigned by the insurance company.

Claim Status

The status of the claim (open, closed, subrogation, salvage, did not meet deductible, peril not covered, withdrawn).

Common Abbreviations

Property Policy Types


AIR — Aircraft

J — Umbrella Policy

BOP — Businessowners Policy

L — Hurricane

BOAT or B — Boat Owners

MH or M — Mobile Home

BUS — Business Interpretation

MPR — Medical Professional

CMP — Commercial Multi-peril

N — Miscellaneous Business

D — Flood

O — Commercial– Bonds, Crop Hail, Workers Comp

E — Contractors

Q — Earthquake

EC — Extended Coverage

U — Business Policy– Office

FARM or R — Farm or Ranch

V — Condominium Association

FIRE or F — Fire

W — Apartment Building– Commercial Lines

HO or H — Homeowners

X — Other

HO or T — Renters/Tenants

Y — Church

HO or C — Condominium

Z — Business Policy– Service and Mercantile

IM or I — Inland Marine (includes scheduled property or valuable items)

NRPT — Not Reported





Liability Policy Types


CMP — Commercial Multi-peril

PIP — Personal Injury Protection

GL — General Liability

WC — Workers Compensation

HOL — Homeowners Liability

X — Other

MP — Medical Payments

NRPT — Not Reported





Loss Types


ACCDL — Accidental Discharge/Leakage

MOLD — Mold

APPL— Appliance-Related Water

MOLDL — Mold Liability

BOP — Businessowners Policy

MOVE — Earth Movement

CLPS — Building Collapse

OTHER — All Other

COLL — Collision, Upset

PCOBI — Products and Completed Operations Bodily Injury

CONTA — Contamination

PCOPD — Products and Completed Operations Property Damage

CRAFT — Watercraft

PHYDA — Physical Damage (All Others)

CREDIT — Credit Card

PL — Product Liability

DAMAG — Damage to Property of Others

PLBI — Premises Liability Bodily Injury

DISAP — Mysterious Disappearance

PLIB — Pollution Liability

DISSC — Mysterious Disappearance Scheduled Property

PLPD — Premises Liability Property Damage

DOG — Dog Bite (Liability)

POLLUTION — Pollution Remediation

EO — Errors and Omissions

QUAKE — Earthquake

EXPL — Explosion

RIOT — Riot or Civil Commotion

EXTEN — Extended Coverage Perils

SINK — Sinkhole

FIRE — Fire

SLIP — Slip/Fall (Liability)

FLOOD — Flood

SMOKE — Smoke

FOROB — Foreign Object Intake

SPOIL — Spoilage

FREEZE — Freezing Water (includes bursting pipes)

SPRLE — Sprinkler Leakage

GLASS — Glass, Broken Window

THEFT — Theft/Burglary

HAIL — Hail

THFSC — Theft Scheduled Property

ICE — Ice Damage

VMM — Vandalism/Malicious Mischief

ID — Identification Theft

WATER — Water Damage

LIABILITY — Liability (All Other)

WEATHER — Weather-Related

LIGHT — Lightning

WC — Workers Compensation

LIVES — Livestock

WIND — Wind

LLL — Liquor Law Liability

WSNOW — Weight of Ice or Snow

MEDICAL — Medical Payments