ISO Electronic Numerical Listings of Classification Codes

This site now contains online access to the ISO Electronic Numerical Listings of Classification Codes for both commercial (CLENL) and personal lines (PLENL) comprised of separate Microsoft® Excel workbooks — one for each line of business.

Workbooks are available for all commercial lines in CSP & CSP-i; commercial fire & allied lines, farmowners, crime, inland marine, fidelity & forgery, boiler & machinery, businessowners, and general liability in CSAP; and personal automobile in PASP & PLSAP. Watch for future availability of electronic numerical listings for additional CSAP lines.

Each workbook includes multiple spreadsheets displaying applicable breakdowns such as specific categories and/or sublines, as well as a spreadsheet showing all classification codes for the specific line in complete numerical order. The specific breakdowns for each line of business are shown on the Table of Contents. The workbooks also contain hypertext links to additional detail, instruction, or special notes.

We will denote changes to future quarterly releases by showing a vertical line ( | ) in the left margin on each worksheet.

All deletions, additions, and other editorial changes reflect the same revisions to CSP, CSP-i, CSAP, PASP, and PLSAP-Auto classification codes ISO announces on an on-going basis in statistical circulars and includes in the quarterly updates to these statistical plans. Refer to the applicable stat plans or circulars for more information.

To make full use of these new user-friendly files or to customize the workbooks to your company's specific needs, you can download them to your personal computer. To save a workbook to the hard drive, choose File and Save As on the toolbar. You will need to download each workbook separately.

View a sample file.

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